Our Services


We help homeowners and property managers understand their risks and reduce costs throughout the entire life cycle of a property, from purchase to sale and every stage in between.

Pre-purchase Inspections

We analyze the property and its systems then provide you with the vital information you need to make a sound purchasing decision. Call us or click here to request a sample report.

Pre-listing Inspections

Have your home pre-inspected and Move-In Certified. We analyze the property and its systems and inform you of what could be improved before you place it on the market. This allows you to better understand your home, and to fix things early on your time, rather than in a hurry. Here are 8 reasons why this has value.

Pre-repair/renovation Assessments

Are you a homeowner or property manager planning to fix or remodel?

Understand that contractors and repairers will not always tell you the underlying issue behind the problem you call them to fix. For example, you pay to replace water-damaged siding, only to repair it again because the real issue is with your gutters. Or you could pay to install a new air conditioner, when you actually have an insulation problem. An objective pre-work assessment could help to avoid these expensive errors. Call us or click here to request a sample report.

Post-repair/renovation Inspections

Builders face many challenges while completing a project. Rushed schedules, limited resources and managing multiple projects can sometimes prevent them from giving you their very best, and it is good to have an objective party give the completed work a second look. We are here to provide you with that second, objective look. We also perform ‘Builders Warranty’ inspections. Call us or click here to request a sample report.

Annual Maintenance Checkups

The sun degrades your roof each day, rain water erodes the soil near your foundation, and wind drives water vapor into your home. Your home is a complex system that must be continually monitored. Just like your periodic visit to the doctor and dentist, an annual home inspection is a wise practice.

Rental Property Inspections

For landlords and property managers, it is important to know that your property is safe to be rented. It is also important to know how your property changed since you rented it. We can help you with that.